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The v2 version ads an output buffer (when pedal is on in True-Bypass mode, or always on in Enhanced Bypass mode) which makes your sound remains consistent regardless of placement in todayís more complex signal-chains; a Class A configured discrete 2N5457 JFET input section, raising the input impedance to 1 mega ohms (previously 330K) and increasing the dynamics, resulting in significantly better interaction with both single coil and humbuckers; an internal switch to choose between True Bypass or Fulltone's exclusive Enhanced Bypass"which configures a FET for gain making all the dynamics return, allowing an even greater range of expression. With OCD V2ís Enhanced Bypass you get this benefit whether the pedal is turned on or off. This means that just having the OCD turned off in your signal chain makes the whole rig sound alive, fresh, and more powerful again."

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