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What's the one thing that almost all small venue musicians strive for when it comes to amplifiers? Some might say "pure immersive tone", which would undoubtedly be followed by "portability". The Ibanez Troubadour series acoustic guitar amplifiers deliver exactly that, along with the striking appearance of a hand-crafted boutique amplifier. Whether you're playing the local coffee shop or you're gigging smaller local venues, the sounds of the T Series will completely fill the room. Plus, your back will appreciate the light weight when loading in and out. The T80II Troubadour is an 80-watt acoustic guitar amplifier with a 2-way speaker system that delivers an expansive frequency range. A 1" dome tweeter achieves natural, clear high-end and rubber edge 8" woofer drives the low frequencies. The closed back cabinet also contributes to tight, focused low-end response. The amp is equipped with two channels, one for guitar and one for a microphone with an FX loop on each. There are dedicated controls for volume, treble, high mids, low mids, bass, and reverb on each channel, along with controls for chorus on the guitar channel. A master volume controls the output level of both the guitar and microphone channels. The digital reverb and chorus can also be engaged using a footswitch. The AUX input (with volume control) and line out are useful features for live performances and practicing at home. The amp also features an a dedicated XLR out.

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